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School and education ‘22

De manier van denken wordt bepaald door ons leersysteem, waarbij taal en rekenen de basis vormen. Wanneer we hier direct ons hart in leren gebruiken, dan ontstaat er een extra dimensie die we al bijna waren verleerd.

Onze taal is gebaseerd op de werkelijkheid en onze perceptie van de werkelijkheid is te beïnvloeden door ons taalgebruik.

In de zomer van 2022 zal hier mogelijk een eerste lezing over plaatsvinden.

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Wondere Wereld
Eigen Wijs School
Waar iedereen uniek mag zijn
en ook zichzelf leert kennen.

Category: Energy & water- To be free and go off-grid, we need to have clean water and free (of grid) energy. New forms of energy will help the world transform into a better place. Soon there will be a presentation, see this website.

Category: Materials - The earth gives, we have to take care of it. Materials which come directly from nature, which are more durable and efficiënt. Architects will explain how these materials are used in new products and buildings.

Category: Health - Nature profides for everything, that is something we have forgotten about. On this subject, for every illness there is a plant growing - we only need to know it.

Medicin schools do not teach it, because their biggest sponsor is the medicin industrie, who are lacking the poor people! → When we know what the nature can do for us, we would probably love it as much as we should!

Category: Food - Nature profides for everything, that is something we have forgotten about. On this subject, we need to understand that the earth provides for us, all we need.

When we remember this again, we will take care of our world again and learn that we are part of it! For some people it will even be an experience to communicate with it! (Only for exsperience people off course).

Category: Education - Our children are the future. They have to learn how to listen to their inner voice and feel the joy of working in teams. This joy from their heart is more than money can buy. Happy kids would rather play with their friends…

Category: Organisation - Everybody helps in his or her own capacity for the greater good. First you yourself are in balance. In other words do you love yourself enough to love everybody in your organisation without asking anything in return. Because it is your love that makes the rest in harmony without any effort! [boek ‘Heel de organisatie’ van Marieke van Voorn].

Ubuntu Ahoy
Ubuntu sponsors a resilience concept: Ubuntu-Ahoy.

This project encourage young people to help elderly people.

Learn more about it.