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Program Ubuntu Seminar

Changing the world with open source technologies. And making humanity aware of the unique gift of nature, we are part of. With innovators, pioneers and only sponsors who realy love humanity and nature, this summit for pro’s is one of a kind.

Category: Energy transition - New forms of energy will help the world transform into a better place. It is all about fusion, fotons, algae and bio-energy.

Category: Ubuntu-Objects - Objects that give people more awarenes about how to be a part of the bigger picture, so it makes people more ‘resilience’. To be a part of this world and have an effect on it big time, changes everything…

Category: Building & materials - Materials which come directly from nature, which are more durable and efficiënt. Architects will explain how these materials are used in new products and buildings.

Category: Medicin from Nature - Nature profides for everything, that is something we have forgotten about. On this subject, for every illness there is a plant growing - we only need to know it. Medicin schools do not teach it, because their bigest sponsor (money) is coming from the industrie, who are lacking the poor people!